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9 Shocking Statistics About Bullying to Get Your School’s Attention

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Bullying Statistics

Educate yourself on cyberbullying here.

Research shows bullying has long-reaching effects.

Studies on bullying among students show that aggressive behavior is bad for both the victim and the bully. The victim is more likely to have headaches, stomach aches, and other negative health issues, sleep difficulties, anxiety, and depression. The bully does not escape unscathed either, it turns out. He or she is also more likely to have academic issues, to abuse substances, or to engage in violence later in life. Both groups–the bullies and the victimized students–experience a higher risk of mental illness than other students. (Source: Gini and Pozzoli, 2013 and Center for Disease Control, 2015)

Perhaps most importantly, students targeted by byllies were 2.4 times more likely to think about suicide and 3.3 times more likely to attempt suicide. (Source: Espelage and Holt, 2013) Bullies, too, were more likely to report suicide-related issues.

How to Intervene

The good news is that the community’s response to bullying can greatly improve the safety of the community. When schools participate in bullying prevention strategies, it can eliminate up to 25% of bullying. (Source: McCallion and Feder, 2013) And, even without a program in place, 57% of bullying episodes end if a fellow student stands up for the student being targeted.  (Source: Hawkins, Pepler, and Craig, 2001)

In a study conducted by Davis and Nixon in 2010, they found the following actions helped victims of bullying:

  • Support from other peers (this is perceived as being more helpful than support from school staff).
  • Teachers who listened and monitored the behavior, as well as provided ideas for how to manage the situation.

Did you know that bullying is literally against the law? Find out more about bullying laws here. You can learn more about various types of bullying and what qualifies as bullying here. Finally, learn how to report cyberbullying on websites or social media here.

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