Top 5 Apps for Meeting People and Making Friends

In today’s technologically driven and super-busy world, there’s an app for just about every purpose and every occasion. Our social life is no exception. Apps that help us meet other people and make friends are making an appearance like never before. Most of them are free to download; some of..

Soft Skills Matter in the Workplace and Your Social Life

In today’s modern, social world, you need to point to more than just a set of hard skills on your resume—like being able to type 40 words per minute, or knowing how to write computer programs in Python or Java—in order to impress a manager and persuade them to bring..

Why Introverts Don’t Have to Try to Be More Extroverted

Sometimes it seems like the world smiles on extroverts. They may appear to be more popular and well-liked, they may be more likely to be chosen for leadership roles, and it may even seem like society is more likely to recognize their accomplishments. This can set up a misleading equation..

Lack Confidence? That’s Okay, You Can Build It

If you feel like you lack self confidence, then it can seem like the most daunting thing in the world to try and fake it. Whether you’re faced with a presentation at college, an intimidating social event, or a business pitch that could change your life forever, finding the confidence to..

5 Lifehacks for Moving Beyond Loneliness

While writing for the Boston Globe, Billy Baker uncovered a hidden epidemic among men that subtracted from their well being. The epidemic isn’t smoking, nor is it drugs or drinking or obesity. It’s loneliness. Feeling lonely is a common experience. Most people–of every gender and age category–feel some degree of loneliness..

How to Be a Good Facebook Friend: 4 Essential Facebook Etiquette Tips

Once upon a time, good friendship etiquette meant returning phone calls and showing up for coffee dates punctually. Enter the internet—and social media—and suddenly things got a lot more complicated. Today, most of us stay in touch with existing friends and make new connections via Facebook, a platform with numerous..

The Green Eyed Monster Ate My Friend

Your friend gets a new promotion, finds the love of their life, and buys their dream car. All in the same week. You’re 100% overjoyed for your buddy’s newfound success, right? Okay, not always. Reality: We’re happy for her. Also reality: Thoughts like ‘why wasn’t that me?’, ‘she doesn’t deserve that,’..

How to Make Friends in A New City

It can be daunting to try and transplant your whole life to a new city. Sure, the job may be up and rolling day 1. But what are you supposed to do after work? Who do you hang out with? It can get lonely fast when everywhere you go–in the..

Friend Wars: 5 Tips for Fighting Fair

Ideally, every friendship should be kind, pleasant, and problem free. Ideally, a full-time staff should draw us a hot bath and serve us Ben & Jerry’s in fancy silver goblets too. But unfortunately, we live in a less than perfect world (where most of us have to, sigh, drive to..

4 Ways to Keep the Conversation Flowing

If you knew that in five minutes you would be forced to carry on polite banter with a stranger, would you try to disappear? If so, congratulations, you’re normal. Even many people with strong communication skills still feel unnerved when thrust into a forced conversation that seems to have no actual purpose...

5 Ways to Maintain Your Friendship When Your Friend Moves Away

When a close friend moves away, it can be painful. It’s not the same level of loss as, say, a divorce or a funeral, but some aspects can be more challenging because unlike those scenarios, people recognize you’re hurting and try to support you. When someone you care about moves away,..