3 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Traveling with Friends

  With cheap flights and an ever-expanding list of places to stay, traveling is now easier than ever before. And while it’s totally possible to enjoy traveling alone (more power to you), it can be even more fun to take on these adventures while making memories with your friends. With one quick disclaimer...

4 Ways to Maintain Friendships in Life’s Busiest Stages

Many adults hit a busy stage of life where they spread themselves too thin, juggle more than one person’s load, and even cheat themselves on sleep in order to get everything on their to-do lists checked off. Sound familiar? If this is you, if the constant emails, that ever-present laundry..

What to Do When Someone Talks Too Much

If it hasn’t happened to you already (probably multiple times), it will. At some point, you’re going to be trapped in conversation with an over-talker. And it’s bound to be a little awkward as you try to navigate an exit on the fly. Do you make up an excuse (um,..

Why Science Says We Make Friends

It’s often said that we make friends with people because we have a lot in common, but research shows that isn’t the case. Find out the surprising real reason you choose to be friends.

The Fool Proof Guide to How to Start a Conversation

Whether you find yourself waiting alongside a stranger at the doctor’s office, or mingling with people at a party or event, it can be intimidating to strike up a conversation. The good news is there are habits and practices which will make initiating a conversation easier.