50+ Ice Breaker Questions You’ll Be Glad You Tried

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Ice Breaker Questions

Some team building exercises are so complex that they aren’t practical or appropriate to kick off gatherings or trainings. Others also may require more prep time or materials than you have available.

In these scenarios, don’t feel like you have to invent a complicated activity to get people interacting and set the tone for your meeting. Often, a simple question and answer discussion helps the group start bonding in much less time.

Below are some foolproof ice breaker questions you could pose to the group and ask them to either reply to the group or to a partner.

You may also find these 10 tricks for making an ice breaker work to be helpful.

  1. What’s one of your favorite compliments?
  2. What do you typically eat for breakfast? Lunch?
  3. How do you like your coffee prepared?
  4. What was your middle or maiden name?
  5. Share a nickname and how you got it.
  6. Repeat one piece of advice someone has given you that came in handy.
  7. Are you quick or slow to embrace new technology?
  8. Choose 1 person from history–alive or dead–to go to an amusement park with.
  9. What is your ideal retirement life?
  10. How much time does it take you to get ready in the morning?
  11. What was the last TV show or movie you watched?
  12. Who is your favorite cartoon character or comedian?
  13. What teacher made the most impact on you and why?
  14. At what age did you stop feeling like a carefree child?
  15. What sports or hobbies do you like to play vs. which ones do you like to watch?
  16. If your day was 5 hours longer, how would you spend the extra time?
  17. If you could get on a plane and go anywhere on the world for free today, where would you go?
  18. Where’s your favorite restaurant to visit in person vs. order out from?
  19. If someone ran into the gas station to get roadtrip snacks, what would you ask them to get for you?
  20. What would you do with your life if you had unlimited money and no job?
  21. What is one achievement you’ve made that you’re proud of?
  22. What is the last thing you read?
  23. How many houses have you lived in and how many schools (including colleges) have you attended?
  24. What types of foods are your favorite and which ones do you hate?
  25. What is one song you relate to or that makes you smile or remember something from the past?
  26. What is one fact that no one here knows about you?
  27. Name one strength you bring to your relationships.
  28. What is one positive attribute you’d like to be known for having?
  29. If you could visit the setting in a movie, show, or book–real or fictional–where would you go?
  30. How do you like to spend time outside?
  31. If you had to trade jobs with one of your friends for a day, who would you trade with?
  32. Name 3 things from your bucket list that you’d like to do before you die?
  33. Choose just one word to describe yourself.
  34. What do you do when you need to relax and recharge?
  35. How do you react to stress?
  36. How do you prefer to celebrate your birthday?
  37. Do you have pets? Share a story about why or why not.
  38. Describe your sense of humor.
  39. What day are you currently looking forward to most?
  40. Do you like to dance? Why or why not?
  41. What’s the first job you ever had.
  42. What positive trait do you admire in others?
  43. How is your closet organized?
  44. What is one hobby you are drawn to, but have yet to try?
  45. Which season of the year do you enjoy most?
  46. Who in your family is most like you? Most unlike you?
  47. Name one of your pet peeves.
  48. If you were waiting in a store line, how likely are you to small talk with the people around you?
  49. What is your mood immediately after you wake up in the morning?
  50. If you could only eat the food prepared by one single person for the rest of your life, who would you choose to be your personal cook?

There’s 30 more (and different) icebreaker questions here. Why not print them both out?

If you’d rather try a more action-oriented (rather than discussion-based) activity, try these icebreakers. Or if you’d like to take on even more challenge, these team building games, which are also great for group bonding, are for you.

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