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How Friendship Bracelets Took Over the World in the 1970’s

So why exactly did the infamously colorful friendship bracelet catch on? Friendship bracelets, which are most often made from colorful braided thread, rocketed to popularity in the United States in the 1970’s. Depending on the source, two people groups are usually credited with inventing these handcrafted bracelets: The natives of Central and..

Little Known Bible Verses About Friendship That Could Change Your Life

The Bible, of course, doesn’t specifically address every topic that arises in each generation. It doesn’t, for example, include instructions on how to use a smart phone for good. Rather, its readers tend to find general principles about living that they can apply to their specific circumstances as the world progresses. There are timeless..

The Secret Truth About Friends with Benefits

Okay first, define friends with benefits. Researchers pretty much unanimously agree that friendships are beneficial. But “friends with benefits,” as you can imagine, is a whole different ball game. What is friends with benefits? Friends with benefits is a complex dating-but-yet-not-dating relationship. It’s a non-relationship relationship. Most commonly, the term refers to friends who have casual..

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