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27 Unbeatable Pen Pals Sites: Find the Penpal Arrangement That Works For You

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27 Pen Pals Sites: Find the Kind of Penpal That Works Best For You

1. Global Pen Friends [Most Recommended]

Global Penfriends bills themselves as a safe place to meet new friends from all over the world. It offers the option to snail mail or email pen friends.

2. Pen Pals Now [Most Recommended]

Penpals Now is a free site that helps you post your information so other pen pals can find you. You can also search for someone to write without publishing your info publicly.

3. Interpals [Most Recommended]

Interpals is a free site that helps users meet new people, make friends on the web, and discover penpals from across the globe.

4. Pen Pal World [Most Recommended]

Pen Pal World provides a free system that helps you contact people without having to post your information online publicly. Once you find a match, you exchange information and start writing. [Worried about how Pen Pal World and other sites keep users safe while participating? Click here.]

5. IPF World

IPF World is one of the longest running and biggest pen pal sites. They’ve processed over 2 million pen pal applications. Their profiles take pen pals’ interests into consideration, in addition to basic demographics like age and gender.

6. Watt Pad

Wattpad is a site to help young writers meet friends around the world.

7. Pen Pal Party

Pen Pal Party believes in helping others explore different cultures and make friends around the world. It allows you to search penpals by both language and occupation!

8. Penpal Hub

Penpal Hub is a free way to meet Penpals from all over the world.

9. Hand Written Inspiration

Hand Written Inspiration seeks to revive the pasttime of writing letters by hand.  You can send letters to people who have indicated they need a friend or request a letter for yourself.

10. My Language Exchange

If you’re learning a second language, My Language Exchange lets you connect and trade letters with someone else who speaks this second language fluently.

11. Polyglot

Polyglot is another place for students to practice their second language skills with native speakers.

12. Pen-Pal

This site helps writers discover pen pals between the ages of 9-20.

13. Letternet

Letternet claims to be the world’s biggest free pen pal club. It lets writers discover new friends from 140 countries and provides helpful articles that guide you in developing your pen pal relationship.

14. 16 Sparrows

 You’ll enjoy connecting with this serious, commited letter writing community at 16 Sparrows.

15. Sassociations

Sassociations is a free website that lets you search for recently registered, active pen pals by age or gender.

16. Students of the World

Students of the World is available for individuals or clubs, groups, and classes that want to be matched with students and teachers from around the world.

17. Maarten’s

Maarten’s allows you to search for pen pals without publishing your information publicly. It’s searchable by country, age, language, and gender.

Post crossing is just like other pen pal exchanges, except it doesn’t require as much time or effort as these pen pals only exchange post cards!

19. Penpals Schools

Just like it’s name implies, this is a pen pal system developed specifically for schools. If you’re a teacher or school administrator, this is the place for you.

20. Christian Pen Pals

As you might guess, Christian pen pals offers traditional matching services for people who share the Christian faith.

21. Swapasap

If you’re 12 or older, Swapasap lets you create a profile and chat, video chat, or begin a letter writing exchange. Some members are also open to hosting you if you choose to visit them.

22. Pen Pal Gate

Pen Pal Gate claims to have over 100,000 members of all ages from around the world.  New pen pals join daily. The day we checked, 43 new people had signed on, which makes this a good place for finding people who have recently expressed interest in finding a pen pal.

23. E-pal World

Eo pal world is a pen pal service that specializes in helping people find email writing partners from around the world. Snail mailers are also welcome however.

24. Apenpals

Apenpals helps you find pen pals around the world OR locally.

25. Pen pal roulette

Penpal Roulette presents a way to meet new friends and practice your writing skills. The system relies on an inbox system which lets you exchange digital messages without providing your email address.

26. Tumblr

Tumblr can help you informally connect and communicate with  people who have similar interests. The downside of course are there are no features to arrange or regulate your correspondence. You have to do that yourself.

27. Facebook

You may find people to correspond with by joining Facebook groups that focus around specific interests you share. Like Tumblr, your interactions are purely driven by you, so this is only an option for those willing to take initiative and reach out!

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