100+ Super Simple Topics to Talk About With Your Pen Pal

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Finding a pen pal can seem like a fantastic idea…until you’re staring at a blank piece of paper trying to figure out what to write to this unknown person. While you likely want to start out light with your first letter, below is a list of topics that can help you fill future letters and gradually get to know your pen pal at a natural pace.

Remember not to disclose too much personal information and to be aware of the risks involved with Pen Pal World and similar sites so you can safely participate without hassle. It is likely you will find having a pen pal is a fun and enjoyable experience and you may even discover a great new friend. (Some pen pals have even met up in real life…or married each other!)

  1. Your age and gender
  2. Your appearance (eye and hair color, height, freckles, etc.)
  3. When your birthday is
  4. What was going on in the world the year you were born
  5. Your favorite color
  6. Whether you have a pet
  7. What your house/apartment is like
  8. Describe your neighborhood
  9. Talk about the nearest city (or countryside area)
  10. The seasons of the year you prefer or dislike
  11. How you celebrate upcoming holidays
  12. Recipes your families use on the holidays
  13. Quotes you find inspirational
  14. Podcasts, radio shows, or sermons you listen to
  15. Websites you visit often
  16. How you read or hear the news
  17. Adventurous things you have done
  18. Risky things you’d like to do, but are afraid of doing
  19. Whether you are religious
  20. Whether you sing or have sang in the past
  21. Whether you’ve ever been in a play
  22. How you typically get around (car, Uber, bus, subway)
  23. A recent movie you watched
  24. A sporting event you never miss
  25. Describe your local shopping center or grocery store
  26. How you dress/your style
  27. Your pet peeves
  28. Your fears or things that creep you out
  29. How you’ve changed since you were younger
  30. Something silly or embarrassing you have done
  31. Which friend you’ve known the longest
  32. Which sibling you are most like
  33. Which of your parents was a bigger influence on you
  34. Who was your favorite teacher
  35. Any nicknames you have (and the story behind them!)
  36. Your typical daily schedule/routines
  37. Thing you love
  38. Foods you don’t like
  39. Your strengths
  40. Your weaknesses
  41. The size and makeup of your family
  42. How long it takes you to get ready in the morning
  43. World leaders, celebrities, athletes, or other figures you admire
  44. Favorite books, movies, and music
  45. Meals you enjoy eating
  46. Things that make you unique
  47. Your duties at school or at work
  48. What your surroundings are like
  49. Anything you collect
  50. Goals you’ve set for yourself
  51. Awards you’ve earned
  52. Fitness routines
  53. The longest distance you run or have run
  54. The best day/trip/experience you ever had
  55. Describe your group of friends
  56. Describe your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse
  57. Describe any family parties, weddings, or showers you attend
  58. Some places you hope to visit
  59. A hobby you would like to pick up
  60. A skill you’d like to acquire
  61. A language you’d like to learn
  62. Any instruments you play
  63. What you dream about when you sleep
  64. A nice thing someone did for you recently
  65. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert
  66. Your tattoos, piercings, scars, etc.
  67. Any nervous habits you’ve picked up
  68. Fads/trends you totally avoid
  69. Describe hosting guests at your house
  70. Describe being a guest at someone else’s home
  71. Where or how you mail your snail mail letters
  72. Favorite fictional or cartoon character
  73. Favorite scents for candles or lotion
  74. Favorite flavors of ice cream, candy, etc.
  75. Favorite places to go in your region
  76. Whether you like to shop
  77. What social media networks you’re on
  78. What people in your community like to do
  79. Yearly events put on in your town
  80. Your favorite board or group game
  81. Ways your best friend is different than you
  82. Whether you are a planner or procrastinator
  83. Whether you’re a morning person or a night person
  84. What type of phone you own or use
  85. The most challenging part of your current schedule/tasks
  86. Other jobs you’d like to hold one day
  87. Your family heritage
  88. Traits you appreciate in a friend or date
  89. What your diet is like (junk food, healthy, etc.)
  90. Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor person
  91. Whether you like animals
  92. Whether you like camping
  93. Whether you listen to the radio or other music often
  94. The chores you hate to do
  95. Describe famous places in America you have been to
  96. Explain the history of your country/region
  97. Share election activity or adults in the political arena
  98. Talk about a local college or university
  99. Describe the last time you got your picture taken professionally
  100. Share whether you’re good with electronics/technology
  101. Try these 1,000+ Penpal Ideas on Pinterest

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