Pleasantly Surprising Team Building Activities for Work

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Team Building Activities for Work

Team building activities are proven to be beneficial to groups of all kinds. But that doesn’t mean they’re always easy to come up with or facilitate! Since we know group leaders are often short on time (and long on things to do), we’ve compiled a list of best practices for making team exercises work,

To give you a boost and save you from scrambling around the internet, we’ve compiled these 50 ice breaker questions and these 30 additional icebreaker questions, these super simple ice breaker games, these team- building games, this list of off-site team building exercises, and finally, the list of alternative group bonding activities below.

These activities are specifically helpful when you feel like the team is getting tired, have been working extra hard, or is right in the middle of a lot of monotonous and tedious tasks. In these stages, you won’t believe how much energy it injects into your team to just to abandon the  do something outside the norm for a day.

Here are 10 alternative activities to consider:

  1. A lecture or broadway show.
  2. A lunch with another company you can learn from.
  3. A tour of another similar or interesting corporation.
  4. An assigned book to discuss chapter by chapter.
  5. A regularly scheduled problem solving meeting.
  6. A meeting shifted to another (even ordinary) location like a coffeehouse or bookstore.
  7. A movie you can learn from and discuss.
  8. A workshop or conference together.
  9. A group fitness challenge.
  10. A county fair or an amusement park.

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