Proven Team Building Exercises Groups Can’t Help But Love

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Team Building Exercises

There are many ways to help strengthen the bonds on your team. There are simple discussion starters like these 50 ice breaker questions and these 30 additional icebreaker questions. There are quick and easy ice breaker games like these or mini-challenges that can be played right in your space like these.

In addition to these more traditional options, group leaders may be surprised by how much a change of environment can breathe new energy onto your team. Getting your people off-site, away from their normal surroundings, can shake up the boredom that sets in during daily routines and eliminate distractions and help them focus on each other.

Here’s 10 ideas for off-site field trips your team might enjoy:

  1. Whitewater rafting or canoeing/paddleboating
  2. Rock climbing, ropes courses, or ziplines
  3. Card or board game tournaments
  4. Bags, bocce balls, croquet, and other yard games
  5. Apprentice style competitions where participants battle to raise the most money, get the most interactions etc.
  6. Painting parties or make-your-own ceramics/pottery experiences
  7. Hiking
  8. Geo cache adventures or scavenger hunts
  9. Bowling, go-karts, skating, or all-inclusive arcades
  10. Cook offs

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