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10 Books to Help You Reach Team Building Greatness on a Shoestring Budget

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Team Building

Icebreakers and team building activities can be the perfect way to ease people into a meeting and encourage them to interact with each other. To help you along, we’ve searched out and selected 10 of the best books available–each of which are packed with hundreds of team building activities.

Or, if you’re looking for freebies, you can check out these awesome team building games, these 50+ ice breaker questions, and these 30 additional icebreaker questions.

(Also, see this quick guide on how to make an ice breaker work.)

Books that offer lots of team-building activities:

  1. Quick Team Building Activities for Busy Managers
  2. The Big Book of Team Building Games
  3. The Big Book of Team Building Questions
  4. Over 600 Ice Breakers and Games
  5. Team Challenges
  6. The Big Book of Team Motivation Games
  7. More Quick Team Building Activities
  8. Team Building
  9. Outdoor and Indoor Team Building Activities for Adults
  10. The Big Book of Low-Cost Training  Games

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