The Foolproof Way to Pick Icebreaker Games That Work For Your Group

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Ice Breaker Games

Ice breaker games can go over well or can they land poorly. The outcome often depends on how you facilitate the activity and/or whether the chosen game works is a good match for the type of group you have.

For example, ice breakers tend to go over well when:

  • People don’t know each other at all. (If this is the case, keep it light and non-personal.)
  • There are newcomers or visitors joining an existing group.
  • Your group has just recently formed or is brand new.
  • People need to learn to work together quickly to move toward an immediate, short-term goal.
  • The people gathering are from different backgrounds and need to learn to relate.
  • The material you are covering is unfamiliar or challenging to engage.
  • You need to build trust and fun energy as a cailitator.

So how do you select the right game for your purposes?

When you’re working with a brand new group of strangers,try these ice breaker questions or these additional ice breaker questions.

When you’re working with people who know each other at an acquaintance level, try these ice breaker games.

When you want to deepen the ties between a group of pre-existing team members, try these highly engaging team building activities.

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