Top 5 Apps for Meeting People and Making Friends

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In today’s technologically driven and super-busy world, there’s an app for just about every purpose and every occasion. Our social life is no exception. Apps that help us meet other people and make friends are making an appearance like never before. Most of them are free to download; some of them cost a minimal price. They certainly aren’t a replacement for good old-fashioned face to face interaction from the get-go and the work required to introduce yourself to new people, nurture conversations, and make deep, lasting friendships, but using them as a socialization tool can enhance our social life.

Among the many apps available today specifically designed for meeting people and making friends, here are 5 of the top apps out there today for meeting people and making friends:


Though initially created and used mostly as a dating app, Tinder nonetheless is now perhaps the most popular and widely used app when it comes to meeting others, and has grown to include more general social features for meeting people and making friends. A key feature to navigating Tinder is the interface, where users swipe to the right if they like someone or feel they’re a good fit or swipe to the left to continue on. Tinder is free to download.


There’s no place to start meeting new people and making friends like your own neighborhood. With Nextdoor you can get to know those folks right around you who live next door and down the street. What better way to find out who the local babysitters are, where the next big yard sale is, or to stay in tune with neighborhood talk on safety. For those who want to explore a tighter social network right in their own community, Nextdoor is a must have. There are over 130,000 neighborhoods worldwide using Nextdoor. Are you ready to add yours to the list?

Facebook Groups

The ever popular Facebook has a social app with some significant caliber. It’s called Facebook Groups and allows users to share information, events, and common interests with others. People use Facebook Groups not only to create work or school related get-togethers, but also to meet new people and make new friends. Since it’s connected with a user’s original Facebook account, users have the added benefit of promoting their group on their Facebook page and having others share it as well. This exposure makes Facebook Groups an easy to use and efficient app to reach out to others, and it costs nothing to download.

Meet Up

MeetUp is the free app that includes everything and everyone. Geared to people who love getting together with others to do what they love, this app is great for bringing together large numbers of people who have something in common or are seeking a similar adventure to share. For people who feel more comfortable getting their feet wet in a larger group of folks, MeetUp is one cool app that can help make that happen.


Skout boasts capturing those special social moments that bring people together. It has a neat shake to chat feature for initiating conversations with random people. Set the search parameters as you see fit, to meet your specific needs or hone in on exactly what kind of person you’re looking for. For finding new people to talk with, have fun, and meet up with new people, Skout is one cool app you need to download. While the regular download is free, a version without ads is available for the reasonable price of $2.99.

The five apps above are a selection of the best apps available for meeting people and making friends, but there a whole bunch more to research and choose from as well: Path, Bumble, Atleto (for the athletic types), Squad, Meet My Dog, and many more. And there are new friend-making apps coming out on a regular basis. Here are two big “Don’t” reminders to help you use them wisely:

  • Don’t rely on friend making apps to do the work of actually making friends for you—it’s just an aid to make things easier and get you started.
  • Don’t get so involved in a friend making app that you neglect the friendships you have right around you.

While there’s no replacement for flesh and blood interaction between ourselves and others to make friends and build up our social relationships, friend-making apps like the ones talked about above can, when used with discretion, be a joyful tool that helps us in the process.

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