Watch Friends Online: Start Streaming Full Episodes Within Minutes

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Photo: Wikimedia.Org

So you want to watch Friends online?

We get it. Whether you’re revisiting the popular sitcom or giving it a whirl for the first time, you don’t want to have to walk into a store and purchase the Friends DVD collection to gather dust on your shelf. That’s so 1994…which, by the way, was when Friends first aired.

Below are multiple options for watching Friends online. You can even dip into this handy Friends Episode Guide if you so choose.

There are many ways to watch Friends instantly:

  • Watch one episode or a complete season on Amazon Prime ($2.99 – $19.99).
  • Watch the complete series from Netflix ($7.99 or Free Trial).
  • Watch one episode or a complete season on iTunes ($2.99 – $19.99).
  • Watch one episode or a complete season on Vudu ($1.99 – $19.99).
  • Watch full episodes on YouTube ($1.99 each).
  • Depending on your geographic region, it may be possible to legally watch Friends online for free or subscribe to a very inexpensive streaming service by exploring the links at Watch Series.

Find out what the Friends cast is doing now here.

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